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A Beginner’s Guide to Pipe Fabrication

A Beginner’s Guide to Pipe Fabrication

How Pipe Fabrication Can Benefit You

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

Lined pipe can be a huge asset to your systems due to its superiority over other materials. Lined pipe lasts much longer than the average steel pipe, thanks to its highly corrosion-resistant interior. This also contributes to lined pipe as the more valuable option in the field, as lined pipe can help prevent leaks and help decrease maintenance cost and time. Because we fabricate the pipe and the lining, this allows us to provide quick service to the field so that your systems can continue to run efficiently.

What is Lined Pipe Fabrication?

We fabricate lined pipes in custom length spools to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a new installation or a replacement of specific spool lengths that provide the corrosion resistance required for the process, custom length lined spool(s) can be fabricated to the nearest 1/8” and the fabrication process at a +/- 1/8” tolerance. In addition, some locations are able to fabricate spools with polypropylene (PP) or kynar (PVFD) liners, as well.
PTFE lined pipe fabrication fabricates lined pipe spools from 1” diameter to 4” diameter up to 20ft in length. Longer lined pipe spools are available, but need to be sourced from the factory. PTFE lined spools can be supplied with a carbon steel or a stainless-steel outer housing. Stainless-steel housing provides some additional corrosion protection for the metal housing. During the fabrication process, there is a procedure/process to follow when fabricating the lined pipe to assure the integrity of the liner and the spool(s).

What is the Pipe Fabrication Process?

The lined pipe fabrication is done within our shops by a trained technician, where the lined spools are fabricated from inventoried PTFE lined pipe. The PTFE liner is removed, the metal housing cut to the required length, and then the ends flared out with the help of our contrac machine. The conrac ends allow for the flanges to be rotatable on the spool.

The next step is to drill a vent hole at each end of the spool to help with any permeation that may occur within the pipe. The liner is then reinstalled into the housing, cut to length, and flared/formed against the metal flared ends.

Choose FCX Performance for Your Pipe Fabrication Needs

Many of our FCX locations provide same-day pipe fabrication, contingent on size and quantity of spools. Depending on location, our facilities can fabricate pipe diameters from 1” up to 8” and up to 20 foot in length. Fast turnaround of required spool(s) is the FCX advantage, with large inventories of pipe and fittings in stock to help with your quick delivery requirements.

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