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High Quality Steam for High Quality Products

High Quality Steam for High Quality Products

High quality steam makes a high quality system

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

The quality of the steam in your system can be crucial to product quality and production. Many processes in your system can only be truly successful if high quality steam is being used in the system.

What Affects Steam Quality

Steam quality can be measured by many factors but the most prevalent are dryness, temperature, amount of superheat present, and non-condensable gas content. Poor steam quality can reduce effective production and potentially ruin valuable product. Wet or dirty steam in your system can result in increased energy costs, decreased productivity, and decreased product quality.

Why Your Steam Quality Matters

Steam is frequently used in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry because of its high sanitation levels. The extremely high temperature that steam is kept at is able to be in direct contact with hygienic products without contaminating them. For many pharmaceutical companies that sell products in Europe, their steam quality is even more important due to Europe’s high steam quality requirements.

Steam Monitoring Systems

Many manufacturers carry steam monitoring systems that allow you to track the quality of your steam in real-time. Systems like the Armstrong QM1 and QM3 are able to track your system quality through sensors that look at the wetness, temperature, and for non-condensable content in your steam. All of these factors contribute to the quality of your steam. Implementing a steam monitoring system can help you increase productivity, cut costs, and comply with industry sanitation standards.

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