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How to Prevent Steam Leaks

How to Prevent Steam Leaks

Steam leaks can cause great safety concerns as well as immense financial losses. Implement these measures to reduce the amount of leakage in your system.

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

Do you often find steam leaks throughout your system? This can be both a financial and liability issue for your business. Leaking steam is a loss of product that cannot be recovered and can cause severe burns with the ability to cut through metal. Find out how you can prevent such a costly issue in your steam system. 


Steam Trap Selection 

Most steam traps are sized and selected based on functionality within a noted application. It is important to understand that some steam traps are more susceptible to leaks than others. Steam traps must be selected based on what size hole passes the right amount of condensate. If steam goes into the condensate system from the trap and makes its way into the vent, energy will be lost through the leak. 


Real-Time Monitoring 

To catch leaks in your steam system, consider real-time monitoring solutions. Real-time monitoring allows quick resolutions to leaking or failing steam traps. FCX offers multiple non-invasive, cost effective monitoring devices that utilize battery powered technology as well as a proprietary battery-less technology. 


Trap Surveys

Your condensate system starts where your steam system ends. The steam trap is the line between these two systems. If you have a leak, you will most likely find it in the condensate system. A great way to prevent this is by getting a trap survey. This assessment will help you see where your traps are malfunctioning and how much steam is being lost through leaks. 



A leaking steam system can cost you money and resources, and impact the safety of your employees. To help you avoid these problems, contact one of our experts today. 


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