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Product Spotlight: Ace Sanitary RWS-L Hose

Product Spotlight: Ace Sanitary RWS-L Hose

Increase your hose movability and maneuverability with this food safe hose

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

While there are many options for sanitary hoses, the Ace Sanitary RWS-L hose has many unique features that make it a great choice for the food and beverage industry. From being easy to carry and move around to the FDA compliant assembly, there are many ways the RWS-L hose can benefit your process.

Lightweight for Easy Moving 

The RWS-L hose features a thinner wall construction than many competitive hoses, making it lighter in weight and easier to transport. For applications where mobility is critical, such as brewing, having a lightweight hose can extend service life. Lighter hoses are easier to carry, allowing team members to keep them up off the floor, saving the outer cover and end connections from potential damage.

Abrasion-Resistant Cover (ARC) 

Typical process hoses featuring an EPDM rubber cover often stick and resist sliding across the smooth plant floor. The longer and larger diameter the hose, the more this effect can increase. The ARC cover used on the RWS-L hose allows for reduced friction and ease of movement when switching between tanks and process connections. Additionally, since the ARC cover causes less friction with the floor, this decreases the amount of damage being done to the hose, making sure that the hose lasts as long as possible.

Easily Flexible and Bendable

Hose flexibility is usually a common issue in the food and beverage industry, which is why the RWS-L hose can be an optimal solution. The thin hose wall with wide outside corrugations allows for easy flexibility without the worry of kinking the hose. This flexible hose is ideal for situations where the hose needs to be constantly moved and reconnected to different machines.

3A Certified Assembly and FDA Compliant 

Like many of our offerings from Ace, the RWS-L hose assembly, along with all the individual components, carry both FDA approval and 3-A certification. With wide corrugations on the outside, the interior of the hose stays smooth in order to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanability. Rest easy knowing your hose assembly is hygienic in design and bears the 3-A certified marking on the outer cover, allowing it to be easily searched and validated when undergoing quality inspections.

Talk with an Expert

With its flexibility and lightweight features, the RWS-L hose can be the perfect addition to your food and beverage assembly. Connect with one of our engineers to see how the RWS-L hose can work best for your application.


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