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Product Spotlight: Alfa Laval DuraCirc®

Product Spotlight: Alfa Laval DuraCirc®

Stop sacrificing your hygienic process needs and get the whole package.

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

Our Alfa Laval Pump Supercenter in Agawam, Massachusetts is now open! Our new location now offers expanded inventory and service options featuring the DuraCirc from Alfa Laval.
Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling products. With a goal of “accelerating success for our customers, people and planet,” their newest hygienic Circumferential Piston Pump, DuraCirc, supports that purpose. DuraCirc has been designed for durability, reliability, high efficiency, and superior hygienic performance.

But why is DuraCirc changing the game for the hygienic process and beyond?

Simplify Service Needs

With innovations including a true front-loading single seal and a long-life gearbox  lubricant that has an extended 3,000-hour change interval, servicing the DuraCirc pump is now easier. Increase your operational uptime due to the quick and easy way of replacing the rotors and its shimming sitting outside the rotor case. With the HiLife rotor, DuraCirc guarantees no internal contact up to 360 psi.  In addition, DuraCirc offers long-life bearings  and fully interchangeable spare parts. 

Excellent Hygiene

With DuraCirc you get high volumetric efficiency and excellent cleanability to ensure the integrity of your process. The circumferential piston pump is an all-stainless-steel design suitable for hygienic washdowns. Designed for CIP with globally recognized hygienic certification, the DuraCirc is best used for applications within the food and beverage, dairy, home, and personal care industries.

Unbeatable Performance

When looking to expand your current pump's  performance, look to DuraCirc, specifically designed for superior hygienic applications . They offer close pump head clearance, flow rate capability up to 660 gpm (150 m^3/hr), modular seal design, long-life heavy duty bearings, and more. The Alfa Laval DuraCirc is available in 13 different pump heads to fit most applications. 

Get the whole package

Find your DuraCirc Provider today or contact our new pump supercenter! Don’t make sacrifices on your hygienic pump; get the pump that can do it all. 


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