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Upscaling Our New England Inventory and Repair Capabilities!

Upscaling Our New England Inventory and Repair Capabilities!

Our Agawam center is ready to serve all your flow control product and service needs

Article written by FCX Performance, Inc

The Agawam location of FCX is here for all your flow control repair and supplier needs. With the upscaling of this new location, we now offer the New England region a much larger selection of components in our expanded inventory and have the space to expand our service and repair offerings. FCX has a long-standing history of success supporting flow control processes in New England and now we’re bringing you even more inventory and repair services!

What more does the Agawam location offer?

  • Fabrication of line pipe

    • Teflon-lined steel pipe can be fitted and fabricated

    • Servicing pipes up to four inches

    • PTFE material is stocked onsite for quick turnaround times

  • Alfa Laval Pump Supercenter

    • Stocking parts for PD/lobe and centripetal pumps

    • Pump curve evaluations to see if you need to replace or repair

    • Consultative analysis

    • Part recommendation based on customer application needs

  • Automating valves

    • Quicker turnaround

    • Custom valve setups based on customer application needs

    • Plug, ball, butterfly, and quarter-turn on/off valves

  • Hose fabrication

    • Quicker turnaround time

What services do we provide?

The new and improved Agawam location allows us to incorporate our pump repair and expand our pipe fabrication into the Northeast. Our pump repair center is one of ten in the country which makes us an asset to the northeastern region. Our experts can aid your team in creating and repairing custom solutions so that your system can continue to perform at its optimum level.

  • Address urgent maintenance issues
  • Quick delivery
  • Hose crimping
  • In-house pump repair
  • Hose fabrication
  • Fabrication of lined pipe

What is in your expanded warehouse inventory?

Our new warehouse location allows us to stock more products and help both our vendor partners as well as our customers as we navigate supply chain challenges. The most popular products our warehouse carries include:

  • Armstrong (hot water, heat and steam)
  • Flow Tite (ball valves)
  • Resistoflex (PTFE lined pipe and fittings)
  • Alfa Laval valve (pumps, valves)
  • ITT (diaphragm valves)
  • PBM (ball valves)
  • Xomox (lined and sleeve plug and ball valves, butterfly valves)

talk to an expert

Our team made improvements to our Agawam location so that we can better serve our loyal flow control customers. Our large inventory eliminates wait times and our on-site pump center decreases downtime when waiting for repairs. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about the FCX Agawam location.


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